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A Disney Bounding Guide to Killer Outfits

If you don't know what Disney Bounding is, buckle up buttercup because it's a super fun way to dress up at Disney or even at home (hello quarantine).

Disney Bounding (v): dressing like a Disney character, park, attraction, etc. by wearing similar colors, textures or patterns.

What you will need:

  1. A vision of who or what you want to bound

Pick out some signature colors or patterns of the character or park you would like to bound. Some characters are so easy you probably have things perfect for a bound in your closet already.

Try Mickey or Minnie, they only need black, red and white in order to have a perfect bound. Most people have these colors in their closet already. My favorite characters are Gelatoni and Marie from Aristocats. They both have similar colors with the light pink, grey, white, and teal.

For this bound, I used a grey sweatshirt dress from Target, a teal bandana I got for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby and my amazing pink glittery Converse. In addition to these normal clothes, I added my Gelatoni accessories I ordered from Hong Kong Disney. This was super simple and mainly was comprised of items I already had in my closet or were easy to find. The teal bandana matched perfectly, it was almost as if it was made to be a Gelly bandana.

2. Creativity and Innovation

Once you have your character and their colors, put down your phone, you don't need to be panic-ordering from Amazon yet. Look in your closet to see if you have any of the required colors. It's okay if you don't have the exact shade. For example, if you were going to bound Rapunzel, a purple or pink dress would be great. Maybe a few spare fake flowers you have floating around from abandoned craft projects and boom, you're a princess.

3. Switch It Up

If you wear a lot of a specific color, maybe start with the color and then try to match your colors to a character. For example, I wear a lot of grey, so a character like Remy or Eeyore would be perfect. If you wear a lot of red, maybe Minnie, Mr. Incredible or Anger from Inside Out would be fun to try. I made a sort of cheat sheet for easy Disney bounds from common colors.

4. Dapper Day

Dapper Day is a super fun time to Disney Bound for a day or a weekend. It is officially arranged by There is usually an event in the Fall and in the Spring at different parks around the world. For dapper day, think vintage pieces, or do a full vintage vibe. Dapper day attendees usually choose between the 1920s - 1970s, however most choose the 50s and 60s because the outfits are so fun. This event requires planning, either you find a super amazing piece from a vintage shop and you plan your outfit and character around it, or you have a favorite character in mind and you scour the thrift stores/internet for the perfect outfit.

For this spring dapper day, I Disney bounded Lotso from Toy Story. I actually have a little tsum tsum of Lotso sitting on the corner of my dress in this picture. I definitely played up the strawberry vibes as Lotso smells like strawberries. I had this amazing wicker strawberry handbag and so I created the costume around that. I found this dress on Amazon and as long as you pay close attention to the sizing charts, I can recommend it.

This was the day after the strawberry Lotso bound for the spring dapper day event weekend. I used my Dress Shop Alice in Wonderland teacup skirt with a floral top for a fun teacup/Alice in Wonderland Disney bound. There was a matching cardigan with the cute little dormouse embroidered on it, but alas, Florida was like nope. This shows how important accessories can be for Disney bounding. You can't see it from this photo, however my earrings have little bunnies on them, as a nod to the white rabbit from Alice.

Disney bounding can be done at the parks or even in your everyday life. The main thing to get from Disney bounding is even if other people don't understand what you're wearing, you know you have a little hint of Disney in your everyday life. If you can't or don't want to visit the parks right now, Disney bounding could be a great way to bring the magic back. Some Instagrammers even do challenges to bound certain types of characters like villains or sidekicks. Definitely check out the different #disneybound and #disneybounding hastags on Instagram for real-life inspiration or Pinterest for color to character ideas.

Stay tuned for more Disney fashion content.

As always, follow @Baci.Gelatoni on Instagram for more adventures!

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