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A Southern Belle's review of Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'

This Disney Springs restaurant is a table service located in front of Morimoto Asia. I recommend getting reservations, however we didn't on a Friday night and didn't have to wait more than 25 minutes, even though we were told 50 to be on the safe side. It's a southern-style restaurant, which is good for tourists who might not otherwise be exposed to some traditional Floridian cuisine and might be tired of the same old quick service burgers from the parks.

When you walk up to Homecomin' from the bridge by Morimoto, there is an outside bar cart that is sometimes set up and they have beer, wine and a couple of moonshine punch drinks on tap. They are $13 for a small and $22 for the large sippy. Our waitress actually told us that if you get the sippy, whenever you bring it back, you get a refill of the punches for the price of the small, and you get free soda inside the sippy for the rest of your life!

I got the Rumshine Punch while we were waiting for our table and it was dangerously good. It had Strawberry Rumshine, blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, pineapple juice and house-made grenadine. Then once we were seated, first up was the Fried Green Tomatoes (with the tasso ham on the side) and they were pretty good. I definitely liked the remoulade that was drizzeled over it.

Then there were a few things I was choosing between like the Fried Catfish and the Florida grouper, however I ended up choosing the Big Fish sandwich, which features the catch of the day, which in my case was Mahi. It was really good, and served with house-made barbecue chips. however, the fish was very juicy, so the bun got a little soggy and fell apart on the bottom. I mean I had a few Rumshine punches so I didn't really care if ya know what I mean.

On another trip, Katie and I did a big appetizer/side sampler sharing extravaganza. We got the Bunch of Puppies, which are hush puppies with sides of pimento cheese and red pepper jelly, Fried Green Tomatoes (no ham), side of Mac n cheese and side of Cheddar Cheese Drop Biscuits. The hush puppies were great with their dipping sauces. I'm not a huge pimento cheese fan in large quantities, but in combination with the puppies and the zesty jelly, I really enjoyed them.

The cheddar biscuits had cheddar and chives inside and were incredible. We ate them plain, but I'm sure they would be even more amazing with butter inside or fried chicken if you eat meat. 10/10 would reccommend.

The Mac n Cheese was also amazing and came in it's own cast iron pot, definitely enough to share. There are large cavatappi inside and layers of cheese melted on top in addition to the cheese inside. It was incredible and very cheesy, but eat it first because when the cheese cools down a little, it turns harder and more like a block.

Still amazing, still definitely recommend. (If you're craving mac n cheese and want a quick snack, try the different varieties from the Fantasy fare food truck by the Galactic Outpost in Disney Springs)

The full spread was great, but a ton of food, so the more friends to share, the better. I definitely recommend Chef Art Smith's for some good southern cuisine in Disney Springs!

Stay tuned for more reviews of Disney food!

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