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Food of Festival of the Arts

Most belovedly known as #FARTS, this festival ran from January 18 to February 25, 2019 and centered around art of all kinds, especially culinary and canvas. Unlike the other festivals, this one seems more interactive with character sketch classes, meeting the Disney artists and performances from Broadway stars.

There were 13 booths for FARTS and different creative takes on classic festival food. Deconstructed dish took the ingredients of an ordinary food like a reuben or strawberry cheesecake and separated the main ingredients on the platters in an artistic and visually appealing way. There were also paintbrush churros and a painter's palette cookie as well as a mod colorful cake to stay on theme.

A few standouts were the Lobster chips (House-made Chips, Lobster, Lobster Bisque Cheese Sauce, Pickled Jalapeños and Citrus Cream) from the refreshment port and the Sushi Donut (Donut-shaped Sushi featuring Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, Avocado and Masago with Citrus-soy Gelée and Wasabi on the side) and Taiyaki pastry (Fish-shaped Japanese Sweet Stuffed Pastry with Red Bean Paste and topped with Whipped Cream and Sesame Custard) from Takumi Table in Japan. I was head over heels in love with all three of these and would highly recommend getting seconds (and thirds.....and fifths). I think I got the sushi donut every time I went to Epcot during the festival. It was amazing.

Lobster chips

sushi donut


Other amazing eats include the mediterranean flatbread (Mediterranean Flatbread with Zaatar, Olive Oil Artichoke, Olives, Mozzarella and Feta Cheese) from Morocco which was an amazing value for $8, and the creamy brie bread bowl from France. Okay so the sauce on top of the mediterranean flatbread was so familiar it bothers me that I can't place it. It is basically like a creamy chipotle sauce, and the entire flatbread was mindblowing. Also the little bread bowls were a perfect ratio of cheese to bread and the little stamp on top just made it cuter.

Of course I couldn't forget the frose:

The food and beverages at the festival of the arts really just hit it out of the park. Everything I tried was amazing, and I couldn't wait to go back and get the same things over and over again. I really hope they bring some, if not all, of these amazing treats back b

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